TASHA MADISON is an award-winning author, speaker, and coach who helps those overwhelmed by life’s challenges, disappointments, and traumas to harness their strengths so they can gain clarity on how to conquer their fears, achieve their goals, and live their best life. In the past twenty years, she has helped countless people to become the hero of their own lives with customized programming tailored to maximize transformational results.

Some Professional Accomplishments:‚Äč

  • CEO of Hero Academy, LLC
  • Creator of the Hero Blueprint©
  • Earned a Juris Doctor in Business Law, an MBA, and a BA in Communication
  • Earned a Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration
  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar
  • Published Global Award-winning Author
  • Editing Ninja
  • International Speaker on Leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, and Authorship
  • Selected by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top 5 Female Mindset Coaches Transforming Lives in 2021