According to Dr. Srini Pillay from Harvard Medical School, when you lose your motivation, it creates Habit Hell, a place where you stay stuck in the status quo even when you deeply desire change. Who wants that? Yet, that is exactly what happens to most of us. The solution? We have to be intentional about creating the change we want to see. Here's how ...

3 Ways to Boost Your Motivation


Manage your stress levels.

Stress perpetuates the habit pathways in the brain. This means that, if you don't address your stress triggers, you won't be able to make any of the changes you need to be able to move forward. This is why it is so important to manage your stress levels. Start with deep breathing, meditation, or mindfulness exercises.


Find purpose.

When you find a sense of meaning in your life, it activates the reward center in the brain and protects you from future depression. Your truth matters! So, take time to reflect on what really ignites your inner passions. When you pursue your purpose, you gain the freedom to stay motivated, regardless of life's circumstances.


Let go.

What can you control? What is outside of your own autonomy? Focus on what is within your realm of power, and let everything else go. This creates a greater sense of well-being, allows you to set realistic goals, and stymies that nagging perfectionist agenda that leads to disappointment.