Be Your Own Hero

$6000 8 Sections 23 Lessons

Course Description

In the transformational Be Your Own Hero course, you will discover how to unlock your authentic self through a unique coaching process to reveal your true identity, purpose, and unique abilities while developing a Hero Blueprint© customized to your lifestyle, beliefs, and goals.

• Includes over 20 video lessons / presentations

• Includes over 20 guidebooks to accompany each lesson in the modules

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• LIFETIME-ACCESS to private coaching community

14-day trial available. No refunds after trial period. LIFETIME ACCESS begins on day 15.

Course Content


Are you ready to get unstuck and become the hero of your own life?
Welcome to Hero Academy and the Be Your Own Hero Course!

Module 1

We all have an origin story. Your origin story reveals how you got started in life, details what you went through to get here, and helps you understand why it matters. It is the memorable story you tell over and over again … The obstacles you faced … They all combine to pave a path for your present and create a trajectory for your future potential.
Module 1.1: The Power of Perception
Module 1.2: Turning Trauma into Triumph
Module 1.3: How to Tell Your Story in a Way That Serves You, PART I
Module 1.4: How to Tell Your Story in a Way That Serves You, PART II
Module 1.5: How to Tell Your Story in a Way That Serves You, PART III

Module 2

We each have different metrics of happiness. Learn how to challenge and control what affects your happiness levels so you can live a more enriched life, regardless of your circumstances.
Module 2.1: Find Your Happiness Quotient
Module 2.2: Move from More to Enough
Module 2.3: Uncover Your Blind Spots

Module 3

Our journey in life is based on assumptions that others have of us as well as those we have about ourselves. We must learn to challenge these assumptions so we can separate our identity from the persona others imagine we should adopt. Idealized notions and unreasonable expectations cloud our authentic self. Learn how to sift fact from fiction and rewrite the truth of who you are back into your own life story.
Module 3.1: Escaping the Assumption Aberration
Module 3.2: Potential over Perfection
Module 3.3: Your WHO Is Not Your DO

Module 4

Discover your unique abilities and learn to leverage them in a way that leads to optimal performance, greater focus, and heightened fulfillment. Strategically set your intentions so you can power up your productivity and achieve big goals in record time.
Module 4.1: Your Reason for Being
Module 4.2: Power Up Your Productivity

Module 5

Overcome the obstacles and struggles that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Discover how to crush your kryptonite while leveraging your superpower for ultimate success at work and in life.
Module 5.1: Find Your Kryptonite
Module 5.2: Face Your Fears

Module 6

Determine what drives your story and understand how various external and internal factors affect you. Build meaningful connections while learning how to spot and deal with toxic relationships that can leave you feeling drained and anxious. Lower the decibel of your inner and outer critic so you can live your life out loud.
Module 6.1: What Drives Your Story
Module 6.2: The Toxic Trap
Module 6.3: Silence the Critics of Your Story

Module 7

Being the hero of your own life requires intention. You must understand your weaknesses so you can play to your areas of strength. When you know WHO you are and WHY you are, you can operate in the genius of your superpower, cultivate and protect your purpose, and fulfill your potential. Use your own custom Hero Blueprint© to generate success and live your best life. Capes are optional!
Module 7.1: Who are you?
Module 7.2: Why are you?
Module 7.3: The Hero Blueprint